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high ✌ im sidney//17//colorado toker//
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Tako Perc’n with Gumby Little B glass dome.

Wax on, wax off

Anonymous asked: Can ya get a herb one?

a herb wut?

Anonymous asked: What does magic dragon smell like?

whaaat lol idonno if your definition of magic dragon is weed then it smells the smell of natures best creation, in my opinion xP


stay radiant


gud-girl-bad-habits asked: Love your blog

thanks i appreciate it! :D

Anonymous asked: Should you mix magic dragon with tobacco cause it's really strong?

magic dragon as in weed or spice or what? o.o but either way its still not a great idea unless your looking for a bad tasting blunt and only a little buzz, in my opinion it would be better to smoke your magic dragon stuff by itself.


You pill popping animal
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